Forthlane Partners is Pleased to Announce the Launch of our New Impact Investing Platform, Forthlane Impact.

Impact investing is gaining momentum as a powerful investment strategy, particularly for high-net-worth individuals and families who are looking to make a positive social and environmental impact, alongside financial returns.

Forthlane Impact aims to provide clients with:

i. competitive risk-adjusted financial returns; and

ii. access to diverse investment opportunities that seek to generate a positive social and environmental impact.

Through our Public and Private Impact Funds, Forthlane Impact offers exposure to public and private investing strategies. The platform enables us to meet our clients’ goals for positive social and environmental impact, objectives for financial return, and requirements for managing liquidity and diversification.

Forthlane Impact will target three broad impact themes:

  1. Environmental Sustainability,

  2. Public Health, and

  3. Financial Inclusion.

Our investment thesis is predicated on the beliefs that:

i. the most significant opportunities for market-based impact exist in the above-mentioned target impact themes; and

ii. broad applicability of these themes gives us the ability to allocate capital to businesses and investment funds that are targeting unmet social and environmental needs effectively and profitably.

We have partnered with Mission Measurement, an industry leader in measuring social and environmental outcomes, to assist us with developing an impact assessment framework focused on measuring targeted social and/or environmental outcomes. We will work with Mission Measurement, and its affiliate, the Impact Genome Project, to measure the extent to which investment dollars are delivering social and environmental return on investment.

Overview of Initial Funds

Forthlane Public Impact Fund

The Public Impact Fund is designed to outperform the MSCI All Country World Index (ACWI) by 2% on an annual basis (net of fees and expenses), while generating a positive social and environmental impact. This fund offers clients the opportunity to invest capital in a broad range of impact-oriented public equities and ETFs while still maintaining the liquidity advantages of being invested in public markets.

Our process involves:

i. allocating funds to best-in-class active, impact-oriented fund managers; and

ii. managing a selection of passive instruments including ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) or Impact-focused ETFs.

Our team has undertaken extensive due diligence using a carefully designed framework of investment goals and impact criteria, with the aim of delivering a competitive financial return while supporting companies that are contributing positively to unmet social and environmental needs.  Our Public Impact Fund launched July 5, 2021.

Forthlane private impact fund

The objective of the Private Impact Fund is to generate a competitive risk-adjusted financial return of 15% (net of fees and expenses), while creating positive social and environmental impact in our thematic impact areas of Environmental Sustainability, Public Health and Financial Inclusion through:

i. minority position investments in early and growth-stage companies; and

ii. investments in impact-focused private equity/hedge funds.

Our investment selection criteria requires that private funds or investee companies demonstrate that addressing a critical unmet social or environmental need is at the core of the company’s business model or the fund’s investing strategy. From there, we assess the innovation, outcome potential, commercial viability, market opportunity and market trajectory for the target investment’s product, service, or strategy.

We are currently in the process of fundraising for a target initial fund size of $50 million and have identified several unique opportunities for both direct and fund investments.

Please reach out to Tommy Sorbara (, Shane DeGroote ( or Martha Simmons ( if you have any interest in learning more about Forthlane Impact.

An investor presentation along with fund summary documents can be provided upon request.  We would love the opportunity to discuss this new and exciting strategy with you.