Forthlane Announces Investments By Cornerstone Foundational Families

Forthlane Partners is delighted to welcome members of two of Canada’s leading families, the DeGroote/Tipping and MacRae families, as cornerstone foundational families of our firm. Through their commitment and support as clients and as material equity owners in Forthlane’s business, these foundational families are validating Forthlane’s vision and multi-family office business model.

The close partnerships with these families represent an invaluable milestone in the evolution of Forthlane’s business, and more importantly, the beginning of collaborative, multi-generational relationships built upon trust and shared values. Our foundational family members are passionate entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and ambitious change seekers who appreciate the value of Forthlane’s service model and are aligned with Forthlane’s cultural DNA; a culture based on integrity, curiosity, empowerment, and service.

“Forthlane places an unparalleled emphasis on empowering the ‘rising generation’ with the tools and guidance to engage in decisions about the family’s wealth, well-being, and legacy. As I have gotten to know the Forthlane team, I have observed how these values permeate into the firm, which has been set up for longevity. Our partnership with Forthlane gives me the confidence that Forthlane will be a trusted advisor to many generations of DeGroote/Tipping family members to come,” said Gary DeGroote.

Forthlane was founded on the belief that ‘true wealth’ goes far beyond a family’s financial portfolio and the vision of a holistic service approach that always puts the best interests of the family first.

“Forthlane is a uniquely Canadian, yet globally focused multi-family office. As a fourth-generation member of the Thomson family, I am a proud Canadian but value being part of Forthlane’s dynamic ecosystem of global thought leaders. It is extremely exciting to be surrounded by such an intellectually curious team who can leverage their global networks to create optimal outcomes for their clients,” said Duncan MacRae.

To our foundational families, we express gratitude for entrusting Forthlane to serve your family’s needs and for expressing confidence in our people and vision. Thank you for your support, faith, and participation in the continued growth of Forthlane. We look forward to embarking on a meaningful and rewarding journey together.

Forthlane respects our clients’ desire for privacy and confidentiality and appreciates the willingness of our foundational families to disclose their involvement.