Take a new lane

Steer your wealth toward every avenue of possibility, not just the same old roads. Take a new direction – a modern direction. Forthlane is for modern money. Modern money collaborates. It innovates. It connects. Modern money is set up for success in a new era of investing.

This is Forthlane

A leading edge Pension Plan style of investing, driven by open access to the world’s best money managers, and guided by a philosophy of wealth that honours all spheres of your life. This is Forthlane Partners.

The Forthlane Wealth Quadrant Approach

“You’re more than a balance sheet. People talk about it. We built a company on it. Forthlane focuses on the four quadrants of wealth — financial, values-based, physical and mental, and relationship – with unique approaches and opportunities... We’re concerned with what keeps you up at night. Expertise and empathy, hand in hand.”

Ken Grewal, Co-Founder and CEO

Forthlane In Action

Your possibilities, amplified.

Forthlane was born out of frustration with how traditional money management limits your possibilities, while ignoring the rest of what makes you tick.

Through our comprehensive offering, our team — and that’s what you get, a full, all-for-one team — is there for you in every way, serious personal challenge and epic growth opportunity alike.

Forthlane Investment Modern Money Management

A first for Canadian ultra-high-net-worth families: elevated pension-style investment management, fueled by diversification across asset classes, and steered by the world’s best money managers.

Forthlane Oversight Your Dedicated Support Team

We give you back the time that overseeing your affairs takes — streamlining processes, eliminating complexity — by serving as your coordinator, advocate, sounding board and connector.

Forthlane Strategy Your Opportunity Advisor

It could be advice raising capital. It could be a transformative introduction. Our help will always be inspiring and proactive, with unmatched global expertise and reach.

Forthlane Grow Supporting Your Personal Progress

Success doesn’t mean you’re done learning. We feed our clients’ hunger to grow with tailor-made opportunities to master family governance, financial knowledge and more.


Portfolio Construction 101, explained in the most Canadian way possible

Diversification is at the core of Forthlane’s pension style of investing. We strive to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns for our clients by carefully constructing portfolios that are diversified across asset classes, geographies, and underlying managers and investments. In this video, Forthlane’s Chief Investment Officer, Wayne Kozun, and Investment Analyst, Anthony Berg, explain the benefits of a well-diversified portfolio, alternative asset classes, and uncorrelated returns…in the most Canadian way possible.