Forthlane Strategy: Your Opportunity Advisor

It could be advice raising capital. It could be a transformative introduction. Our help will always be inspiring and proactive, with unmatched global expertise and reach.

Collective Expertise
Our team has over 150 years of collective experience in investment banking, capital markets, business operations, and law, across various industries.

Independent Voice
We can serve as a truly independent advisor to help you navigate business decisions. We can provide advice with the knowledge of the ‘big picture’, in terms of your family’s financial and personal lives.

Global Community
Forthlane provides access to a global network of relationships, ideas, and peer mentorship opportunities.

Understanding The Complexities
We look to build long-term, as opposed to transactional, relationships with our clients. We will take the time to deeply understand the complexities of your business.

Our family clients –particularly the rising generation –are often enthusiastic entrepreneurs, business builders and philanthropists. They have questions and needs beyond what a traditional investment manager or multi-family office might provide.

Questions and Support Requests Have Included:
How to strategically optimize a prominent real estate asset?
How to leverage existing relationships and youthful energy to build a robust investment business?
Can you assist to raise strategic capital for an innovative early growth stage business?
How to address the concentration risk of substantial wealth tied up in the family business or in one industry/geographic sector?
Who can guide and support our cross-border business structure?
What are the corporate finance options for a fast-growing technology company?
Who would be a strong partner with whom to co-create a social impact venture?