Forthlane Strategy: Your Opportunity Advisor

It could be advice raising capital. It could be a transformative introduction. We support our clients with their business ventures with unmatched global expertise and reach.

Collective Expertise
Our team has decades of experience in investment banking, capital markets and corporate strategy to help our clients navigate business decisions.

Global Institutional Relationships
Forthlane has a deep network of institutional relationships that have unique knowledge and relationships across geographies, sectors, and industries. We can leverage this network to unlock value in our clients' businesses.

Ecosystem of Families
Our clients become part of a robust ecosystem of individuals and families who have successfully built businesses in a range of industries. The ecosystem provides mentorship, investment opportunities and knowledge.

Independent Voice
We can act as a truly independent advisor or unbiased intermediary between our clients and third parties, such as investment banks or private equity funds.

Our clients are often enthusiastic entrepreneurs and business builders. They have questions and needs beyond what a traditional investment manager or multi-family office might provide.

Questions and Support Requests Have Included:
Can you help us strategically optimize a prominent real estate asset our family owns.
Can you assist with raising strategic capital for my innovative early growth stage business?
What are the exit options for a fast-growing technology company?
Who would be a strong partner with whom to co-create a social impact venture?
We would like to take our company public. Which investment bank should we work with?