Forthlane Grow: Supporting Your Progress

We live in complex times. Families, now more than ever, grapple with issues that hamper their continued long-term success and happiness. We believe this challenge can be managed through education and support. Success does not mean you are done learning. We empower our clients to be well positioned to continue to thrive in business and in life. We deliver these programs in a variety of ways, including family retreats and family meetings. The three broad areas of support we offer are: Family Governance, Communication, and Learning and Development.

Family Governance
Governance is key to longevity and family clarity. We focus on helping to create prudent family governance and sustainable structures that work for the long run. These are essential to ensure sound family decision-making and effective wealth transfer.

Learning and Development
We create and deliver bespoke learning and development programs for our clients of every age on a range of topics, including financial literacy, investing, law, ethics and strategy. We deliver these programs at a level that is suited to each client’s age, stage and level of knowledge. We support rising generation family members with their career advancement and education decision-making. We also provide access to a broad curriculum of conferences, webinars and small-group education sessions. You are never done learning and we work to keep you curious.

Your family’s connection and future are of utmost importance. We support your family in articulating your values and legacy to build for continued success. A focus effective communication will support the alignment of wealth transfer and will enhance long-term family harmony.

Martha Simmons, COO:

“Our learning and development platform is a unique way we educate and empower families to be better positioned to thrive in business and in life. Together, we solve family challenges and create structure for continuity. We support families with their philanthropic pursuits and help establish generational understanding of family history and values while inspiring family members to reach their individual potential.”