Forthlane Fridays

Children and Education


We were joined by Ray Girn from Higher Ground Education and Dwayne Matthews from TomorrowNow Learning Labs for an exciting discussion covering the disruption of education (read full bios). Our guests covered many topics, including: barriers to change, the importance of shifting our education model towards the future, impact of COVID-19, the future of work, and opportunities in education.

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Session 16: The Future of education

We were joined by James Tieng (Managing Partner & Co-Founder) and Rohan Wadhwa (Vice President) from Lumos Capital Group, Shawn Young, CEO & Co-Founder of Classcraft, and Shaily Baranwal, CEO & Founder of Elevate K-12 (read full bios). This session focused on the future of education with a specific outlook on gaming as an educational tool, online learning, and investment perspectives for the sector.

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Session 2: Children’s experiences during Covid-19

Dr. Jillian Roberts – Renowned child psychologist and co-founder of FamilySparks and Carly Dougherty – founder of Prep Academy Tutors, joined us for an interactive discussion on child psychology and education during the (read full bios). Our guests covered topics including how to support children, ways to continue education and embrace the increased time with children.

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